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One of my many memories of Kelly was when she went into labor with Sabrina,The fact that she laughed threw most of it,And then one day driving to work in a snow storm and a woman went off the road and we stopped to help Kelly didn't weigh more then 110lbs and because a truck load of guys went by laughing like we could not do it she became wonder woman and we got her back on the road and about 5 miles down the road there they sat in the ditch the truck of guys we just honked and waved and laughed and the woman we helped was behind us she also enjoyed the show.But then there were so many,I could fill this whole page and more,What I am going to miss most is her big beautiful smile and inviting laugh and the way she loved Sabrina,She was a great mom,friend,sister,daughter,and she was like a daughter in law to me I am going to miss her very much,
You are in safe hands now,enjoy your eternal life,Till we see each other again,Love you ,Miss you much
I remember seeing you at happy wheels and you recognizing me despite my short hair and all. You kept taking pictures of me as if i was a model and when i asked, why are you taking so many pictures of me? you simply said "to remember." i love you kelly. you were very understanding with me and made me feel as if i wasnt alone. i hope you are always with me.
Jerry and Shel
We will always remember our long motorcycles together. You had your hair in pig tails and your big smile was contagious. Our last ride together was a perfect memory of Sabrina on the back of your bike and Jerry and I right behind you to make sure you were okay. We wish everyday that we could have found some way to keep you safe but for now you are in God's hands until we can see you again. Our hearts ache but we are glad you are safe and at peace today. We love and miss you.
I think of you when you were very small running playing laughing waiting to catch you if you should fall When you were growing up they were such happy years now i am fighting back the many, many tears Someday I will be with you in heaven up above But for now my darling daughter I send you all my love DAD
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